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* Aster - in the ancient Greek (ἀστήρ) means “star”

Aster Aviation Services DMCC is a young company, specializing in flight support and charter services.

Our mission is to be a premier provider of high quality aviation services. The main goal of our company is to become a trusted and reliable long-term partner to all customers around the world.

Our staff is a team of aviation professionals with the years of experience in aviation, and we are ready to put our expertise and experience to your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

flight support

flight support

Our 24/7 Flight Support Department, operated by Tarlan Aero,is manned by suitably qualified operations personnel. The staff is a team of professionals, very experienced in aviation, there are professional pilots, former ATC and Operation officers.


Our experts are ready to assist you with the obtaining of overflight and landing permissions and airport slots, whether for turnaround or fuel stop, one-off flight or series of charters.

Airport Handling

Flight satisfaction does not start after take-off, but on the ground; and here, on the ground, our Supervisors look after your crew, passengers and aircraft. They will arrange and supervise all services and equipment required for aircraft fast, smooth and safe turnaround.


Having direct contracts with the local suppliers Aster Aviation Services provides 24-hours fueling arrangements at the most rate at all the major airports of Central Asia and CIS Countries.
* Aster - an exotic wildflower, known as a talisman of love and symbol of patience

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